Basic SEO principles - SEO Tips

It is very important to make sure your website is "search engine friendly" or compliant with search engine standards and can be indexed correctly. Here are some things you can think about ahead of time and discuss with your Website Designer:

Page Title - The title of each HTML page should be:

Metatags - Use the description and keywords metatags in the head of each web page. These tags aren’t the “giants” some think, but they are worth including.

Heading Tags - Search engines place a lot of emphasis on the text within heading tags. Be sure to use Heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and really try to include your target keywords in them.

Page Text - The text of your web pages should contain keywords and common phrases people may search for. But be careful with not over using your keywords – first and foremost your Website must be understand to your customers, don’t repeat your keywords to the point it is annoying to people reading. Be discreet. It is also worth noting, any text that is contained within images won't be picked up by search engines, only actual text will be.

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