How to Choose a Website Designer

Be careful when choosing a Website designer — there are many available – but also many with no real experience. Discuss the process involved with the construction of your Website. Ask questions:

Ask what they will do to optimize the site for search engines. If they don't know, or if they say choosing metatags and links is all you need to do, then they don't really know. (See SEO tips for more information)
Find out up front who owns the Website. Some Web designers retain copyright/ownership, but we believe the site should belong to you. Also, its very important, ask about cost. Don't be sucked in by seemingly cheap quotes — they usually mean that something is missing or the ongoing costs are overpriced. Don't be afraid to get multiple quotes. Ask about the cost of:

These tips should help you to find a good Website designer that will help you get the right Website for you and your customers. (Return to Website Design)